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Academic Features

Our department contains a vast array of modern equipment for use in teaching and research. We have established 14 teaching laboratories and 10 experimental laboratories (1,225.1 m2). These laboratories and equipment can facilitate better study and research in radiological science for both our faculty and our students.

Four main Laboratories:

1 .Medical Physics Lab: Film dosage system, Bubble reader, Dose survey   meter, High pressurize chamber, Body phantom and correlated radioactive detector, TLD system, Ion chamber, Moisture-proof box, Radiation therapy treatment planning system, etc.

2. Medical Imaging and Manipulation Lab: Workstation for image processing, EPSON (C8600) color laser printer, …etc.

3. Radiation Biology Lab: Shaker, CO2 incubator, cell culture room, Laminar flow, -20oC Refrigerator, Cool box, DNA electropheresis tank, Microscope, Autoclave, Inverse microscope, etc.

4. Radiochemistry and Radiopharmaceuticals Lab: Dose calibrator, Electronic balance, Centrifuge, Oxygen analyzer, constant temp. bath, Sono shaker, pH Meter, Waste tank, Organic digestive equipment, High temperature digestive equipment, Shielding box, Operation table, Fume hood, Radiopharmaceutical preparation room, Oven, Magnetic stirrer with heater, Shaker, Ultrapure water system, Radio TLC imaging scanner, Gamma scintillation counter, Survey meter, Multi-channel analyzer (NaI), High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Refrigerator, Cutting machine, G-M counter, Explosion-proof waste tank, Electron capture detector, Drying chamber, etc.


1. X-ray for general purpose x 2

2. X-ray for special demanding x1

3. Mammography simulator x1

4 .Dental x-ray simulator x1

5. Auto developing device x1

6. Ultrasonic scanner device x6

7. Bone density detector x2

8. tomography simulator x1

9. Co-60 therapy simulator x1

10. Lead shield fabricating room x1

11. 3D therapy planning room x1

12. Mini-PACS x1

13. Human anatomy lab. x1

14. Radioactive measurement lab. x1